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Lucid Air Dream Edition


Lucid is an American electric vehicle manufacturer, Introducing Lucid Air. The longest range, the fastest charging luxury electric car in the world. With incredible horsepower and an unrivaled range of up to 520 miles per charge, it’s like no car you’ve ever known. All packed into an elegantly efficient design – inspired by California. Electric has never looked so good. Freed from the rules of traditional automotive design, Air redefines the shape, proportion, and dimension of a luxury sedan – while instilling thoughtful workmanship into every detail.

The unbelievable fantastic and new beautiful Lucid Air Dream Edition is a modern masterpiece that encapsulates modern design and luxury at the same time.

This version has edition 1111 horsepower and 1390 newton meters of torque and this car does 0-60 in just 2.5 seconds and it’s geared for 205 miles per hour at 20000 rpm. This is a very fast car, the performance edition has 471 miles in range and the range edition has 520 miles of range, there is no other car that exists right now which has this kind of range. The range of this car is further than lots of gas-powered cars. And this work of art has a really exciting bit of technology.

Dream Edition is the most advanced version that Lucid has developed up to now and it’s going to remain that way until Lucid brings out another version. This car has real performance and it looks fantastic. This model has all the advanced technologies and its all-in house built in Arizona therefore this is a made in America car. Which is quite appealing and the quality of this machine is absolutely incredible. This car is so put together and the attention to detail is outstanding.

This car comes in zenith red, black, white and a special gold “eureka gold”. This model has the smallest headlights in the world. They have used an intelligent microlens-led array. In addition, Lucid has an unbelievably advanced driver assistance system with over 32 sensors, 14 cameras including radar, ultrasonic, and a lidar system that shines a laser down the road to measure the distance to vehicles and objects in front of the car. The Lucid Air dream edition has a 118-kW hour battery which has the capacity to drive about 471 miles and this car also has 900-volt charging technology built-in, which means that it also has a 300-kW charger built into the car therefore if you have got the proper infrastructure this car can charge 200 miles of range in just 10 minutes. Which is categorically remarkable. The Lucid Air has more performance and more torque than any other car, which is 1390 newton meters of torque which is where this car truly shines. Because if you are overtaking above 60 miles an hour it means that you have far more torque and far more power to overtake than anything else which means when driving you will have a better experience. Lucid says this car has been designed for driving experience and then the environmental credentials are just an extra benefit that you get, being an electric car, this car really does drive like a sports car!

It’s where California design sensibility meets Silicon Valley technology. And that’s what Lucid is all about.

The CEO of Lucid Peter Rawlinson states his Passion and mission is to mass industrialize electric components and electric cars the way that no one else has ever done.

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