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The global attention for environment-friendly products and organic food has increased during the last decade. Even though there’s no sufficient supply of Green Products to the world, the majority of people are trying to stay away from globally popular brand names and products which are commercially manufactured and genetically modified. As per the current trend, eco-friendly products and organic food items are in high demand all over the world. And we created and introduced this company to try to eradicate the issue of people not having access to organic products and bio-degradable home products.

Eco Solution Hub (Pvt) Ltd

We as “Eco Solution Hub” aim to produce environmentally friendly products and organic food products to the market. Hence, we manufacture environmentally safe cleaning products and houseware products along with organic food items. We are specialized in manufacturing brooms, brushes, and other household products that are handmade from ekel fiber from coconut leaves and coir fiber from coconut husks. We offer indoor and outdoor brooms, body brushes, dish brushes, scrubbers, and cleaning brushes for the kitchen and bathrooms all these products are biodegradable and have no harm to the environment at the end of their life cycle.

We as a company aim to manufacture high-quality sustainable coir products and organic food items with high levels of health benefits to the consumer. In addition, we intend to replace imported plastic housewares with environmentally responsible alternatives that we manufacture, which will intern create livelihood and employment opportunities for people in our country while returning back ecological and sustainable benefits to nature and the environment globally.

Our Eco Products

Coconut Coir Related Products

  • Ekel broom
  • Coir broom
  • Pot brush
  • Foot brush
  • Toilet brush
  • Body
  • brush
  • Foot brush
  • Coir fiber brush

Show Room –Eco Solution Hub (Pvt)Ltd,
M-07, Level 05, One Galle Face,
Colombo 02, Western, Sri Lanka

Company Reg. Number-PV00235249
Tel –+94703959713 /+94770293449Email

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