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Fiery Desserts in Habarana

Every time someone visits this place, they are in awe of how beautiful this place is, the sunrise is spectacular in the morning from the lake view rooms and admires the scenic view of nature, while sipping your morning tea. Take a walk in the Wonderful landscapes with all man-made trees all around the resort and enjoy the beautiful view going up the multiple tree houses and hammocks to enjoy your vacation in style and have a wonderful time getting lost in nature.

This place fosters a diverse natural habitat for wildlife, grizzled giant squirrel, monkeys, peacocks, and different species of birds, the views will give a quite tranquil feel to the mind. The lush green trees and shrubs complement each other while providing nests for the birds.

There was a lovely swing where you can sit and admire the iconic view of the lake. There was a bike service where you can go on a 2km bike ride around two hotels enjoying stunning views on your way. Also, you can find a little mountain where you can climb to get a panoramic view of the Sigiriya rock and the surroundings. And Watch the brilliant view of the sunset.

This is an unmistakably absolutely amazing location to get yourself intoxicated with stunning views and nature you will find more scenic byways more than any other nature resort in this area.

Habarana village by Cinnamon

Delicious Desserts By Chef Ravindra

Chef Ravindra – Habarana Village by Cinnamon

Perfectly balanced super rich natural and fruity, each bite is sweet, creamy and so delicious. These were our top scorers in the dessert section. Chef Ravindra is a superstar for deserts in Habarana Village by cinnamon. Next time you visit this hotel don’t forget to Indulge your senses with these wonderful deserts.

Kochchi Ice Cream (Sri Lankan green chilly Ice-cream/ burning chill sensation)

Flaming hot green chili ice cream, spicy and cold and sweet at the same time which is a really intense cool sensation, your taste buds will experience an awakening and these tastes unbelievable good.

Soursop Ice-cream – fresh

Was so natural and creamy you feel like you are having the natural fruit in every bite you take; the aftertaste was delightful and the texture is so balanced taste to the palette and it is truly luscious.

Passion fruit Ice cream

Exotic flavored passion fruit ice cream was a perfectly balanced dessert, each bite was sweet and sour complementing each other, creamy and so delightful. It was a wonderful treat on a warm day.

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