The New Fashion Trend

When most of us think about pearl jewelry, what comes to mind is a pearl necklace or pearl earrings. Pearl jewelry has come to be associated with elegant simplicity. Increasingly, however, fashionistas are trending toward more unconventional pearl jewelry. 

Photo by Scott Webb

Pearl Colors 

photo by Joeyy Lee

Pearls are always white, right? Wrong. Tahitian pearls are black, and freshwater pearls can be white, black, pink, or purple. South Sea pearls can be cream colored, golden yellow, and even silver. While black and creamy white pearls command top dollar, pearls in other colors can be equally lustrous and beautiful – and eminently more affordable. 

photo by Joeyy Lee

Pearl Shapes 

The classic pearl shape is round, and the rounder a pearl is, the more expensive it is. An Akoya pearl necklace, for example, is made from round white pearls, while a Tahitian pearl necklace is usually made from round black pearls. Most people don’t realize that pearls are actually grown in a variety of shapes, from teardrops to sticks to asymmetrical shapes. When you choose pearls that aren’t in the traditional round shape, your pearl jewelry becomes a unique personal statement. 

If you are planning to give pearls as a gift. Traditionally, pearls have signified eternal love, devotion, and wisdom. They also represent new beginnings. Because of their quintessentially white color, pearls also represent purity, loyalty, and innocence which are traits associated with the color white. Pearls have always been in fashion and were never outdated. 

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