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Tahitian pearls


Black pearls

Tahitian pearls or Black pearls are a tremendously rare type of pearl which is an organic gem formed from the black lip oyster. These pearls are largely harvested around the islands in French Polynesia around Tahiti. The black lip oyster can be found in the sea around 40-50 meters deep and the Black pearls are relatively rare compared to white pearls. As a result, it is known to be a collector’s item, and finding authentic black pearls can be a challenge.

Natural black pearls are very scares. They are generally found in coves covering inactive volcanoes, which release mineral salts. Therefore, Black pearls are quite rare and it makes quite a unique gift for jewelry. There are beliefs that the black pearls carry a mysterious aura that has healing powers that improve health. In Chinese culture, black pears are considered symbols of strength and wisdom

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