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Brand New Sony FX3- Dream Camera for Film Makers


For the first time Sony has released a filmmaker’s first camera, FX3 is basically like the A7S3 model and much more. The video colors look super vivid in the new model Filmmaker FX3. The biggest difference is the body it’s very different from the Sony A7S3 and this is a filmmaker camera.   

They basically created the cage-free design. They have removed the EVF, the flip LCD screen is still available in this model and it’s always a win!  

The record lights are available in both front and back and a large record button on the top. The best part of this model is the handle which is extremely convenient to use and it’s very sturdy and quite easy for recordings. You can do 4 channels of Audio using this handle and the sound quality is exceptionally good with very few interferences.  Also, this model has a built-in fan therefore you will never have overheating issues in this model and this is a real plus for the users. And the below features. 

  • This camera has the power of visual storytelling 
  • DNA from film making and digital imaging 
  • Change the way we experience the world, look for a film like an expression 
  • Operability for different needs  
  • New-age content consumption and emotion in every frame 
  • Cinema Line, Cinematic experience and freedom 
  • Designed comfort for sole shooting  
  • Expandability and operability for content creators. 

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