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Mansory DB11 Cyrus – Uniqueness and Individuality combined


This is a treat to satisfy the wildest whims of a sports car lover. The Aston Martin DB11 transformed in to the MANSORY CYRUS. This unique car has a silver leather interior which represents perfect elegance and a sporty feeling. fine leather handcrafted by skilled master upholsterers. Only used carefully selected wooden, leather and carbon fibre materials in producing this car. which is why the uniqueness captivates the eye and mind.

You can also witness the high-quality carbon fibre Side skirts with lip visible carbon fibre. The Sports steering wheel is created with carbon fibre and leather stitching with the MANSORY logo. The shift paddles are also made using carbon fibre.  The complete trim interior set is also carbon fibre.  

Mansory used 22-inch ultra-light forged wheels which are designed for comfort and control. Rear bumper plus diffuser with all-new integrated brake light, Airflow optimized rear bumper with – integrated sport exhaust. The exhaust has been completely changed to optimize performance by building the exhaust using a stainless-steel sports exhaust system. And joint with a sports air filter, it is unique and powerful, and you can witness the throaty sound of the 5.2-litre engine. 

The extra air intake will definitely contribute easily to another 100 horsepower, the original DB1 has about 600 and the MANSORY has about average 700 horsepower. The engine bonnet is completely redone with visible fibre without a clear coat. Carbon mirror housing with glossy carbon fibre. Rear decklid spoiler – with glossy carbon. This is a supercar and only one has been produced currently and the average price of this car will cost four times the Aston Martin DB11.  The MANSORY CYRUS has taken this car to a whole new level of luxury that meets the finest quality.

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