1. How to submit a business article

Send us your requirement through the contact us form on the contact page

Note –  1

  1. After customer confirmation, we will send the subscription payment link to join livebusinesses.

Note –  2 Renewals

  1. On renewals, customers will receive an email notification. 
  2. if the customer account is suspended, you can activate the account by renewing the subscription. 
  3. failure in the renewal, after 30 days of the renewal date will result in permanent deletion of the account from
  1. De activating subscription

Customers can deactivate the subscription any time by logging in to my account And using the cancel button. 

Note. This process only deactivates your account and un-publishes all your articles from but will not delete any data.

  1. Re activating subscription

Customers can reactivate the account at any time and continue the subscription.

  1. Cancelling subscription 

Customers can permanently cancel the subscription and the account by requesting Through our inquiries page and filling the form. link

  1. Refund

If a customer decides to cancel the agreement between and themselves and proceed with a request for a refund, he/she should formally send us a written request within 5 working days post the publication of their page in magazine. And we will proceed with the refund. Any later requests will not be honored. 

If a customer decides to cancel the subscription after the 5 working days post the formal publication of their page, will agree to unsubscribe the client from the magazine publication. In this scenario will not be liable to pay any refund to the client.

  1. copyright Infringement

Customers will take the entire responsibility of copyright infringement in terms of images and contents which they provide us. will not take any responsibility on behalf of the customer. 

  1. Processing Time

Post receiving the article brief from the customer magazine will take 48 hours to action the publication.

  1. Publication

At all times customers should send a verified proof of the content which we will use for the publication in the business magazine.

9. Services & Holiday does not provide business as usual on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day. And all requests will be actioned on the next working day. (if the customer has a special request kindly keep informed early in advance so that we can work out a different arrangement to achieve the customers required outcome).