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A Promise in a Bottle – Chanel No 5 Happy 100th Birthday



Chanel is one of the most eminent brand names in the perfume Industry. Almost everyone knows about it and is familiar with its unique logo, and surely Chanel No 5 is a highly regarded perfume for the past 100 years, the first formulation was introduced by Coco Chanel created by Ernest Beaux in 1921, and this year Chanel No 5 celebrated its 100th Birthday.  

Coco Chanel’s vision 

What makes Chanel perfume so special?   

Why women cannot do without it? 

And the answer is simply in the vision of its founder Coco Chanel who wished for women to wear perfumes that gave them a sense of confidence, independence, and belonging to an important part of the culture. Despite the fact that she probably would not realize that how well her vision became a reality, now there is no doubt that Chanel No 5 has reached the epitome of all-time favorite perfume.  

And that the perfume has been in the business for the past 100 years. Despite the reformulations done; it still holds special respect and admiration in women all over the world.  

As a result, today many celebrities in the world including the Hollywood beauties are all sporting Chanel perfumes, all of which contribute to the fame and glamour connected with the trade name. 

Perfumes have their own personality. Choosing a fragrance with a personality and character that matches the mood that you want to project will help to strengthen the impression that you want to create. This perfume is a promise in a bottle! By choosing Chanel No 5 you choose Luxury, Class, confidence, and elegance, you can never go wrong by choosing Chanel! 

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