If you are in your thirties or forties you will remember the 1980s. Anyone who has a clear memory of these years and lived in the United States or the United Kingdom knows how popular the Swatch Watch was. The name ‘Swatch’ means ‘Second Watch’

Main Features of Swatch Watches

Swatch watch is owned by Quartz and their watches are manufactured by Swatch Group Limited. Swatch uses cheap materials and manufacturing plants to make a simple watch. Swatch Watches have just over fifty components in their watches compared to over one hundred used by its competitors in more expensive timepieces. By using cheaper materials and fewer components the Swatch Watch was a cheap watch to make and by having lots of customers Swatch was able to keep the prices down. Prices nowadays can go into the thousands.

The Swatch watch was a very fashionable piece of jewelry amongst teenagers in the eighties however sales fell in the nineties and Swatch had to make some changes. They reverted to their old ways and their simple designs but also adding a bit of luxury.

The luxurious Swatch Watches included brands such as Rado, Breguet, and Jaquet Droz to name a few.

Trends in Swatch Watch

Swatch Watches have so many different designs with so many functions it is hard to believe some of them are actually Swatch Watches. They now make metal watches, scuba watches, and also very thin watches.

Swatch Watches Today

In today’s modern world swatch makers have concentrated on making quality watches. You are still able to buy the bright colorful Swatch Watches that we all know and love but they now also offer the buyer a classy alternative. Swatch watch is one of the most popular types of watches across the planet and there are collectors everywhere. Some of the very early models have been sold for thousands.

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