Keeping Time, The Swiss Way with A Swiss Army Watch 

MacGyver probably had one. Rambo probably had one. George W. Bush should probably get one. Schwarzenegger certainly had one in Commando, and some of us remember a time back in the late 1980s when no self-respecting fashionista would be seen without one. For years, the Swiss army watch has been people’s accessory of choice. They are not just timepieces used by the military as a standard issue. They are widely accepted means for keeping track of time. What’s more, the Swiss army watch is unlike other watches in that it is given the same stamp of approval by those doyens of all that is precise yet stylish in engineering – the Swiss. 

Some Things Don’t Run in the Family 

The Swiss army watch and the Swiss army knife are not just related, they are closely related. In fact, both have the same manufacturer. Unlike the Swiss army knife and its myriad attachments and extras, however, the Swiss army watch comes with almost no accessories. In fact, its design is so clean some people find it looking too painfully simple. The Swiss army watch would never win awards for complexity or creativity. It boasts of no extra space, no array of buttons, knobs, sundials, or secret compartments for hiding a wire garrote. As with almost anything Swiss, the design ethic applied to the general aesthetic of the Swiss army watch is to “keep it simple; keep it clean.” 

Going Commando 

The Swiss army watch for men comes in a number of styles, made from a variety of different materials. The most popular is the standard “commando” Swiss army watch. Designs of this Swiss army watch range from the simple analog dial face with a leather strap, which tells the time where you are, to the very Aryan-looking Commando Chrono Night force. 

This particular species of Swiss army watch comes with a robust and at the same time, sexy stainless-steel strap, three large, Teutonic-looking knobs protruding from one side, a flourish of dials, digits, and date displays. Additionally, it is engineered to be able to tell the time in twenty different countries on any given date between AD 100 and the present day. Swiss army watch aficionados shell out as much as US$280 for the Germanic pleasure of being the proud wearer of this Swiss army watch! 

It’s a Girl Thing 

If you think the Swiss army watch is for the male species alone, think again. While most of the Swiss army watches in the market have a bold and very masculine appearance, there are now Swiss army watches for girls. These Swiss army watches are smaller and prettier. What’s more, they come in a wider range of colors. 

Clearly, a Swiss army watch is not for the brave and good soldier alone. It’s for anyone who wants to keep track of time the Swiss way – precisely yet stylishly. 

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